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Early operating and reliability experience with the CEBAF DC magnet power supplies

By: Merz, W.; O'Sullivan, M.; Martin, E.J.; Flood, R.;

1995 / IEEE / 0-7803-2934-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Early operating and reliability experience with the CEBAF DC magnet power supplies ' The CEBAF accelerator is a five pass, recirculating, CW electron linear accelerator. There are a total of nine recirculation arcs connecting the two linacs. Three experimental halls are serviced by the accelerator through separate transport channels. The magnet powering system for CEBAF consists of approximately 2000 independent control channels. About 1850 of these channels are low current, trim magnet power supplies. There are 28 higher power supplies used to energize the major bending elements. Over one hundred, 20 A, active shunts are used to vary current in selected magnets in the major dipole strings. The majority of the magnetic elements are concentrated in the arcs and transport channels. The correction dipoles, quadrupoles and sextupoles are each powered individually by a dedicated trim power supply channel. The arc and extraction channel dipoles are powered in series strings by the high powered supplies, known locally at CEBAF as ""box power supplies"". Arc loads consist of some 30-40 magnets in series. Transport channel, path length control doglegs and septa box power supplies have loads ranging from 1 to 10 magnets. Shunts are installed on virtually all loads where two or more magnets are in series. We describe the systems mentioned, their reliability problems, the fixes implemented to date and some plans for the future.