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RF system for the NSLS coherent infrared radiation source

By: Biscardi, R.; Broome, W.; Wang, J.M.; Thomas, M.; Mortazavi, P.; Keane, J.;

1995 / IEEE / 0-7803-2934-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' RF system for the NSLS coherent infrared radiation source ' The existing NSLS X-ray Lithography Source (XLS Phase I) is being considered for a coherent synchrotron radiation source. The existing 211 MHz warm cavity will be replaced with a 5-cell 2856 MHz superconducting RF cavity, driven by a series of 2 kW klystrons. The RF system will provide a total V/sub RF/ of 1.5 MV to produce /spl sigma//sub L/=0.3 mm electron bunches at an energy of 150 MeV. Superconducting technology significantly reduces the required space and power needed to achieve the higher voltage. It is the purpose of this paper to describe the superconducting RF system and cavity, power requirements, and cavity design parameters such as input coupling, quality factor, and higher order modes.