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First operation of a high duty factor photoinjector

By: Milliman, L.; Rodenburg, R.; Tyson, E.; Friddell, K.; Davis, K.; Dowell, D.; Lancaster, C.; Remelius, D.; Busch, G.; Shoffstall, D.; Pistoresi, D.; Adamski, J.; Whelen, C.; Murphy, K.; Johnson, P.; Bethel, S.; Bemes, M.; Aas, T.;

1993 / IEEE / 0-7803-1203-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' First operation of a high duty factor photoinjector ' Tests of the Boeing Average Power Laser Experiment (APLE) injector have demonstrated first-time operation of a photocathode RF gun electron accelerator at 25% duty factor. The multi-alkali photocathode was illuminated by a frequency-doubled mode-locked Nd:YLF laser. The cathode was placed in the first cell of four single-cell cavities resonant at 433 MHz. The 4 cavities accelerated the beam to 5 MeV. The pulse duration was 8.3 ms and the repetition rate was 30 Hz. True average beam currents of up to 35 mA have been accelerated to 5 MeV for an average beam power of 170 kilowatts. The 35 mA beam current exceeded previous photocathode performance by a factor of 1000.<>