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NSLS X-ray system RF system upgrade

By: Thomas, M.G.; Wang, J.M.; Ramirez, G.; Mortazavi, P.; Broome, W.; Biscardi, R.; Hanna, S.; D'Alsace, R.; Buda, S.; Keane, J.;

1993 / IEEE / 0-7803-1203-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' NSLS X-ray system RF system upgrade ' Presently (Dec. 1992) three RF systems power the electron beam at the NSLS X-ray storage ring to 250 mA at 2.58 GeV. A fourth RF cavity and system is being installed to increase the machine reliability over pre-shutdown operational conditions (3 cavities). It also permits new levels of beam intensity and energy to be achieved in the X-ray ring. Intensities of 500 mA at 2.5 GeV as well as 250 mA at 2.8 GeV are anticipated. A description of the hardware, the installation and the modes of operation will be outlined in this paper. X-ray ring operations are scheduled to resume January 1993. Injection performance and high energy reliability will also be discussed.<>