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A combination drift chamber/pad chamber for very high readout rates

By: Spiegel, L.; Alexopoulos, T.; Antoniazzi, L.; Arenton, M.; Ballagh, C.; Bingham, H.; Blankman, A.; Block, M.; Boden, A.; Borodin, S.; Budagov, J.; Cao, Z.L.; Cataldi, G.; Chen, T.Y.; Clark, K.; Cline, D.; Conetti, S.; Cooper, M.; Corti, G.; Cox, B.; Creti, P.; Dukes, E.; Durandet, C.; Elia, V.; Erwin, A.; Fortney, L.; Golovatyuk, V.; Gorini, E.; Grancagnolo, F.; Haire, M.; Hanlet, P.; He, M.; Introzzi, G.; Jenkins, M.; Jennings, J.; Judd, D.; Kaeding, T.; Kononenko, W.; Kowald, W.; Lanza, A.; Lau, K.; LeCompte, T.; Liguori, G.; Lys, J.; Mazur, P.; McManus, A.; Misawa, S.; Mo, G.; Murphy, C.T.; Nelson, K.; Newcomer, M.; Panareo, M.; Ramachandran, S.; Recagni, M.; Rhoades, J.; Rosen, J.; Segal, J.; Selove, W.; Smith, R.P.; Sun, J.; Tokar, S.; Torre, P.; Trischuk, J.; Trojak, T.; Tsyganov, E.; Turnbull, L.; VanBerg, R.; Wagoner, D.; Wang, C.; Wei, C.; Yang, W.; Yao, N.; Yao, T.; Zhang, N.; Zhang, S.N.; Zou, B.;

1991 / IEEE / 0-7803-0513-2


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' A combination drift chamber/pad chamber for very high readout rates ' Details of the construction of high-rate, mid-sized (1-m*2-m) pad chambers, intended for use in Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) experiment E-771, are described. Each gas volume module represents a chamber doublet: two identical anode wire planes, two transverse strip planes, and two pad planes. Wire signals, from 8-mm square cells, are recorded via TDCs; corresponding stripe and pad image signals are latched. Pad sizes range from 0.8 cm*3.6 cm to 3.2 cm*35 cm. In addition to facilitating pattern recognition, pad signals are also used as inputs to an online, high transverse momentum trigger processor.<>