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Construction of the CDF silicon vertex detector

By: Skarha, J.; Barnett, B.; Boswell, C.; Snider, F.D.; Spies, A.; Tseng, J.; Vejcik, S.; Carter, H.; Flaugher, B.; Gonzales, B.; Hrycyk, M.; Nelson, C.; Segler, S.; Shaw, T.; Tkaczyk, S.; Turner, K.; Wesson, T.R.; Carithers, W.C.; Ely, R.; Haber, C.; Holland, S.; Kleinfelder, S.; Merrick, T.; Schneider, O.; Wester, W.; Wong, M.; Amidei, D.; Derwent, P.F.; Gold, M.; Matthews, J.; Bacchetta, N.; Bisello, D.; Busetto, G.; Castro, A.; Loreti, M.; Pescara, L.; Bedeschi, F.; Bolognesi, V.; Dell'Agnello, S.; Galeotti, S.; Mariotti, M.; Menzione, A.; Punzi, G.; Raffaelli, F.; Ristori, L.; Tartarelli, F.; Turini, N.; Wenzel, H.; Zetti, F.; Bailey, M.; Garfinkel, A.F.; Shaw, N.M.; Tipton, P.; Watts, G.;

1991 / IEEE / 0-7803-0513-2


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Construction of the CDF silicon vertex detector ' Technical details and methods used in constructing the Collision Detector Facility (CDF) silicon vertex detector are presented. Attention is given to the foam-carbon fiber composite structure used to support the silicon microstrip detectors and the procedure for achievement of 5- mu m detector alignment. The construction of the beryllium barrel structure, which houses the detector assemblies, is also described. In addition, the 10- mu m placement accuracy of the detectors in the barrel structure is discussed, and the detector cooling and mounting systems are described. The construction of the CDF silicon vertex detector has been completed. The silicon strip detectors are located to an accuracy of 10 mu m and >98-5% of the silicon strips are fully functional.<>