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Compensation studies with an Si calorimeter

By: Giubellino, P.; Riccati, L.; Furetta, C.; Borchi, E.; Vismara, L.; Villari, A.; Terzi, G.; Seidman, A.; Salvato, G.; Lamarche, F.; Rancoita, P.G.; Ramello, L.; Pisani, M.; Penzo, A.; Pensotti, S.; Paludetto, R.; Macii, R.; Leroy, C.;

1991 / IEEE / 0-7803-0513-2


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Compensation studies with an Si calorimeter ' In a calorimeter with silicon readout, the use of a combination of low-Z (Fe) and high-Z (Pb) materials as absorbers enables the transformation of the electron energy distribution of the incident showers in two media with different critical energies via the filtering effect. As a result, the electromagnetic energy and consequently the e/MIP ratio value can be substantially reduced as a function of the thickness of high-Z (Pb) material present in the absorber, making it possible to tune the e/ pi ratio and making possible the achievement of the compensation condition e/ pi =1.<>