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Adaptive equalizer for digital cellular radio

By: Kondoh, N.; Shimazaki, Y.; Ono, S.; Nakai, T.;

1991 / IEEE / 0-87942-582-2


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Adaptive equalizer for digital cellular radio ' The authors study the performance of the decision feedback equalizer (DFE) for application to the US digital cellular telephone system. The performance of the DFE is very sensitive to the delay interval between two rays and considerably degrades around a delay of 0.2T, where T is symbol duration. To improve the performance, the authors propose to utilize the Coded Digital Verification Color Code (CDVCC) part at the middle of the TDMA (time division multiple access) frame as a training sequence of the DFE. A bit error rate below 3% at all delays up to 1T can be achieved when the average E/sub b//N/sub 0/ is 22 dB and the fading frequency is 80 Hz.<>