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Ultra-High-Power Plasma Switch Inpis for Pulse Power Systems

By: Lee, J.H.; Han, K.S.; Venable, D.D.; Choi, E.H.;

1990 / IEEE / 0-8169-0490-1


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Ultra-High-Power Plasma Switch Inpis for Pulse Power Systems ' A new and novel plasma switch, inverse pinch switch (INPIS), having a commutation geometry based on an inverse-pinch mechanism, has been tested and shown to alleviate the shortcomings of, conventional spark gaps. The INPIS switch or INPIStron is currently being upscaled for high-voltage (approximately 1 MV) operation with a multigap arrangement similar to Sandia's rimfire electrodes used for ultra-high-voltage hold off. Preliminary results of the multigap INPIS tests at 250 kV and plasma-puff initiation methods are presented, and an application to compact pulser systems is discussed.