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ISDN terminal connection experiment for mobile satellite communications

By: Wajima, Y.; Atsugi, T.; Arita, T.; Miyajima, T.;

1990 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' ISDN terminal connection experiment for mobile satellite communications ' Experiments on mobile satellite communications are being carried out to determine if they are technically feasible for future domestic satellite services in the Experimental Mobile Satellite System project, which uses Engineering Test Satellite-V. Experimental ISDN (integrated services digital network) basic-rate communications services have also been offered for marine vehicles. The authors describe the configuration of an experimental system for maritime ISDN satellite communications, and the characteristics of ISDN basic-rate interface connections for the digital telephones, G4 facsimiles, and color video-phone terminals of terrestrial ISDN services. This experiment provided much information for designing future mobile satellite communications systems. Moreover, it indicates that forward error correction in a mobile satellite link with poor transmission quality is very effective at improving the communication quality of mobile satellite systems.<>