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Modified L-C high voltage generator

By: Burke, J.E.; Kristiansen, M.; Engel, T.G.;

1988 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Modified L-C high voltage generator ' A modified L-C pulse generator was built and tested. The advantage this generator has over standard L-C generators is its utilization of a single-spark-gap commutator. Standard L-C generators require a spark gap for every two stages, which results in switching problems and subsequent limited usage with the modified L-C circuit, no switching problems were encountered and output waveforms of multiple shot tests were consistent. Voltage amplification factors of two, four, and six were attempted using two, four, and six-stage configurations of the basic circuit. A toroidal transformer core, using either ferrite or Metglas 2714A, was studied. Computer simulations indicated the key parameter to be the flux linkage between the primary and the secondary windings of the pulse transformers. The required number of flux linkage increased with the increasing number of stages.<>