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Inclusion of Short Duration Wind Variations in Economic Load Dispatch

By: Roy, S.;

2012 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Inclusion of Short Duration Wind Variations in Economic Load Dispatch ' Randomness of wind speed around a short-duration-stable mean value is commonly referred to as short duration wind variation. This paper investigates the effect of substantial wind-based capacity inclusion on optimal load dispatch, with the source wind susceptible to short duration variations. Analytical formulation of the economic load dispatch (ELD) problem inclusive of wind power generation is presented separately for cases with and without representation of transmission losses. In each formulation, the effect of short duration wind variations is included as an aggregate, thereby avoiding the complexity of stochastic models. Three-generator and 20-generator study cases are discussed to illustrate two distinct aspects of the ELD problem. First, the optimal cost, losses, and system- � are presented across a range of short-duration-stable mean wind speed. Thereafter, the sensitivity of all three metrics is discussed with reference to different levels of short duration wind variations.