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A Log-Periodic Channelizer for Multichroic Antenna-Coupled TES-Bolometers

By: Richards, P.; Rebeiz, G.; Myers, M.; Lee, A.T.; Holzapfel, W.; Suzuki, A.; Edwards, J.; Arnold, K.; Ade, P.; O'Brient, R.; Engargiola, G.;

2011 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' A Log-Periodic Channelizer for Multichroic Antenna-Coupled TES-Bolometers ' We have fabricated a dual-polarized multichroic antenna-coupled bolometer prototype pixel for use in focal planes of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarimetry experiments and for submillimeter observations of high redshift galaxies. We couple millimeter and submillimeter power onto the detector with a dual polarized sinuous antenna that has a continuous bandwidth of 60-250 GHz and we use a contacting extended hemispherical lens to boost the gain high enough to match the optics of a typical telescope. We partition each polarization channel into seen contiguous channels with a channelizer circuit that mimics the physiology of the human ear and then terminate each channel on a separate TES bolometer. Fourier Transform Spectroscopy demonstrates that the bands are near the designed locations with total receiver throughputs of 20-30%.