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Analysis of Eddy-Current Loss in End Shield and Frame of a Large Induction Machine

By: Lin, R.; Haavisto, A.; Arkkio, A.;

2010 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Analysis of Eddy-Current Loss in End Shield and Frame of a Large Induction Machine ' This paper proposes an effective method of analyzing the eddy-current loss within the end shield and frame of an electric machine. The standard impedance boundary condition is applied to the conducting surfaces of complete 3-D models, and the models are solved by time-harmonic finite-element analyses. Measurement of the temperature rise is completed as a validation of the proposed method. The effect of the distances between the conducting surfaces and coil ends is studied by computing the eddy-current loss for a series of 3-D models having different distances. In addition, simplified 2-D models are used to study the influence of material nonlinearity. In brief, the proposed method is feasible in computing the eddy-current loss. The eddy-current loss within the regions close to the coil ends is larger than the other regions in the end shield and frame, but the total loss is quite small, compared, for instance, with the copper loss within the stator winding. Furthermore, the farther the end shield and frame are from the coil ends, the smaller the eddy-current loss is. Finally, it is found that the eddy-current loss is larger in the nonlinear case than in the linear case.