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Robotic System for Closed-Bore MRI-Guided Prostatic Interventions

By: Raoufi, C.; Kucharczyk, W.; Trachtenberg, J.; Goldenberg, A.A.; Yang Yi; Weersink, R.; Ma, L.; Haider, M.;

2008 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Robotic System for Closed-Bore MRI-Guided Prostatic Interventions ' This paper reports on the development of a new closed-bore magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible robotic system for image-guided prostatic interventions: ablation, brachytherapy, and biopsy. The first stage of development addresses only laser-based ablation. The robot actuators are ultrasonic motors. The first physical robot prototype was manufactured and tested in the MRI with an ablation tool. The tests covered magnetic resonance (MR) compatibility, tool visualization, and robot control accuracy. Robot tip position error is less than 2 mm at points closer than 0.5 m to the isocenter. A method to control ultrasonic motors for MRI-compatibility is reported.