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Development of 1�MJ Conduction-Cooled LTS Pulse Coil for UPS-SMES

By: Iwakuma, M.; Kuge, A.; Morita, Y.; Yokota, M.; Ogawa, H.; Baba, T.; Yamauchi, K.; Abe, R.; Okumura, K.; Hemmi, T.; Maekawa, R.; Chikaraishi, H.; Kawagoe, A.; Mito, T.; Sumiyoshi, F.; Nakamura, A.;

2007 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Development of 1�MJ Conduction-Cooled LTS Pulse Coil for UPS-SMES ' A 1 MW, 1 s UPS-SMES is being developed for a protection from a momentary voltage drop and an instant power failure. As a key technology of the UPS-SMES, we developed a prototype LTS pulse coil with a stored energy of 100 kJ and conducted cooling and excitation tests in 2005. The operation test of the prototype UPS-SMES using this 100 kJ coil with power converters have been performed in 2006. A 1 MJ coil was designed before the fabrication of the 100 kJ prototype coil. The superconductor, the electric insulation technique, the winding method, and the cooling structure used for the 100 kJ coil were based upon the 1 MJ coil design. The successful performance test results of the prototype 100 kJ coil validated the design concept and fabrication technique of the 1 MJ coil. According to the achievement of the prototype 100 kJ UPS-SMES, the 1 MJ conduction-cooled LTS pulse coil has been fabricated successfully. The successful experimental results of the 100 kJ prototype coil with power converters and the fabrication procedure of the 1 MJ full size coil are described.