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A Test of a 2 Tesla Superconducting Transmission Line Magnet System

By: Wake, M.; Piekarz, H.; Velev, G.; Sylvester, C.; Schlabach, P.; Rabehl, R.; Oleck, A.; Nehring, R.; Volk, J.; Mazur, P.O.; Malamud, E.; Kashikhin, V.; Huang, Y.; Hays, S.L.; Foster, G.W.; Claypool, B.; Carcagno, R.;

2006 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' A Test of a 2 Tesla Superconducting Transmission Line Magnet System ' A Superconducting transmission line magnet test system for the stage 1 accelerator of a staged VLHC proton-proton collider has been built and operated at Fermilab. The 1.5 m long, twin-aperture, combined function dipole magnet of 2 Tesla field is excited by a single turn 100 kA transmission line superconductor. The 100 kA dc current is generated using dc-dc switching converters powered by a bulk 240 kW supply. A pair of horizontally placed conventional leads facilitates transfer of this current to the magnet transmission line superconductor operating at liquid helium temperature. Fabrication of magnet components and magnet assembly work are described. The magnet test system and its operation are presented, and the performance is summarized