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Deployment of the ATLAS High-Level Trigger

By: dos Anjos, A.; Armstrong, S.; Baines, J.T.M.; Beck, H.P.; Bee, C.P.; Biglietti, M.; Bogaerts, J.A.; Bosman, M.; Burckhart, D.; Caprini, M.; Caron, B.; Casado, P.; Cataldi, G.; Cavalli, D.; Ciobotaru, M.; Comune, G.; Conde, P.; Corso-Radu, A.; Crone, G.; Damazio, D.; de Santo, A.; Diaz-Gomez, M.; Di Mattia, A.; Dobson, M.; Ellis, N.; Emeliyanov, D.; Epp, B.; Falciano, S.; Ferrari, R.; Francis, D.; Gadomski, S.; Gameiro, S.; Garitaonandia, H.; George, S.; Ghete, V.; Goncalo, R.; Gorini, B.; Gruwe, M.; Haeberli, C.; Haller, J.; Joos, M.; Kabana, S.; Kazarov, A.; Khomich, A.; Kilvington, G.; Kirk, J.; Kolos, S.; Konstantinidis, N.; Kootz, A.; Lankford, A.; Lehmann, G.; Lowe, A.; Luminari, L.; Maeno, T.; Masik, J.; Meirosu, C.; Meessen, C.; Mello, A.G.; Moore, R.; Morettini, P.; Negri, A.; Nikitin, N.; Nisati, A.; Osuna, C.; Padilla, C.; Panikashvili, N.; Parodi, F.; Pasqualucci, E.; Reale, V.P.; Petersen, J.; Pinfold, J.L.; Pinto, P.; Qian, Z.; Resconi, S.; Rosati, S.; Sanchez, C.; Santamarina, C.; Scannicchio, D.A.; Schiavi, C.; Segura, E.; Seixas, J.M.; Sivoklokov, S.; Sloper, J.; Sobreira, A.; Soloviev, I.; Soluk, R.; Stancu, S.; Stefanidis, E.; Sushkov, S.; Sutton, M.; Tapprogge, S.; Tarem, S.; Thomas, E.; Touchard, F.; Tremblet, L.; Unel, G.; Usai, G.; Vandelli, W.; Pinto, B.V.; Ventura, A.; Vercesi, V.; Wengler, T.; Werner, P.; Wheeler, S.J.; Wickens, F.J.; Wiedenmann, W.; Wielers, M.; Wiesmann, M.; Yasu, Y.; Zobernig, G.;

2006 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Deployment of the ATLAS High-Level Trigger ' The ATLAS combined test beam in the second half of 2004 saw the first deployment of the ATLAS High-Level Trigger (HLT). The next steps are deployment on the pre-series farms in the experimental area during 2005, commissioning and cosmics tests with the full detector in 2006 and collisions in 2007. This paper reviews the experience gained in the test beam, describes the current status and discusses the further enhancements to be made. We address issues related to the dataflow, integration of selection algorithms, testing, software distribution, installation and improvements