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High frequency PM synchronous motor model determined by FE analysis

By: Ganu, S.; Mohammed, O.A.; Liu, Z.; Liu, S.; Abed, N.;

2006 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' High frequency PM synchronous motor model determined by FE analysis ' A high frequency phase variable model for PM synchronous motor is proposed. It is composed of a low frequency phase variable model with a high frequency winding branch connected in parallel. The winding branch considers the high frequency effects on the machine winding parameters namely resistance, inductance and capacitance. The resistance and inductance of each individual winding turn were calculated by time harmonic FE analysis. The self capacitance of each turn and the mutual capacitances between turns were evaluated by electrostatic FE analysis. Using these circuit parameters, a distributed-parameter winding circuit is formed. The Kron reduction technique is applied to the distributed-parameter winding circuit to obtain a lumped high frequency branch. The implementation is performed on a 2-hp PM synchronous motor and the simulation results show the validity of the proposed model. The originality of this work is that it provides a numerical tool for examining the machine design instead of experiments