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Globalization & Health Care -- Research Starters Sociology

By: Mandel, Ilanna;

2009 / EBSCO


Globalization is the term which refers to the large-scale trends which have created the 'global state'. This term, which became popular approximately twenty years ago, recognizes the trends which encompass a diffusion of economical, political, technological and social evolvements in today's interchangeable and interdependently-structured global society. Globalization also refers to the spread of capitalism and the control of an increasing number of countries by a specific number of international corporations. One of the major ramifications of globalization is 'looser' borders, especially in eastern Europe where a lot of people are migrating throughout the European Union in search of employment and stability. Globalization brings the people of the world together politically, economically, technologically and socially in unprecedented ways. The effect has been the movement of people from one place to another on a scale that has never been seen before. One of the significant changes brought about by this process is the globalization of privatized medical care.