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Gender & Sexual Orientation in the Workplace -- Research Starters Sociology

By: DiPalma, M. Lynette;

2009 / EBSCO


An overview of several of the issues generated by gender and sexual orientation challenges in the workplace touching on occupational segregation, the wage gap, glass ceiling, and sexual prejudice all within the context of corporate culture. Both women and those within the GLBT community face substantial challenges in the workplace, some stemming from homophobia and heterosexism, others from sexual harassment and the pressures of either adopting the traits of hegemonic masculinity or buckling beneath them. Of course men are not immune to these sociological challenges whether it is sexual harassment as a heterosexual man, or occupying a traditionally female position. The article also touches on the special issues those suffering from Gender Identity Disorder may face as well as the common tactics employers adopt in order to help a transgender individual adapt to the workplace after sex-reassignment surgery. The second part of the paper briefly explores the phenomenon of Pink Corporate Culture and how it is a viable challenge to the traditional masculine way of business. Ultimately the issues generated by gender and sexual orientation in the workplace reach far beyond the office walls.