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Effects of Retirement -- Research Starters Sociology

By: Vejar, Cynthia;

2009 / EBSCO


This article begins by contrasting the romanticized notion of retirement with the cold, ruthless realities that the elderly face, such as ageism and mandatory retirement, while they anguish over other matters such as the stability of Social Security. Two components of Erik Erikson's "Theory of Psychosocial Development" are addressed (i.e., generativity vs. stagnation and integrity vs. despair), along with pertinent issues and behaviors that the elderly undergo during these developmental stages, such as: valuable volunteer experience; identity crises pertaining to the loss of employment, and the desire to retrospectively find meaning in their life accomplishments; angst; as well as the association between a fear of death and job cessation. The article concludes that people in the midst of retirement ultimately suffer the consequence of youthful ideals, based upon diminished services, and an overall sense of societal disregard.