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On localized control in QoS routing

By: Varadarajan, S.; Nelakuditi, S.; Zhi-Li Zhang;

2002 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' On localized control in QoS routing ' In this note, we study several issues in the design of localized quality-of-service (QoS) routing schemes that make routing decisions based on locally collected QoS state information (i.e., there is no network-wide information exchange among routers). In particular, we investigate the granularity of local QoS state information and its impact on the design of localized QoS routing schemes from a theoretical perspective. We develop two theoretical models for studying localized proportional routing: one using the link-level information and the other using path-level information. We compare the performance of these localized proportional routing models with that of a global optimal proportional model that has knowledge of the global network QoS state. We demonstrate that using only coarser-grain path-level information it is possible to obtain near-optimal proportions. We then discuss the issues involved in implementation of localized proportional routing and present some practical schemes that are simple and easy to implement.