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Area dependence of TDDB characteristics for HfO2 gate dielectrics

By: Nieh, R.; Young Hee Kim; Hag-Ju Cho; Chang Seok Kang; Onishi, K.; Gopalan, S.; Lee, J.C.; Krishnan, S.; Jeong Han; Choi, R.;

2002 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Area dependence of TDDB characteristics for HfO2 gate dielectrics ' Weibull slopes, area scaling factors, and lifetime projection have been investigated for both soft breakdown and hard breakdown for the first time, in order to gain a better understanding of, the breakdown mechanism of HfO/sub 2/ gate dielectrics. The Weibull slope /spl beta/ of the hard breakdown for both the area dependence and the time-to-dielectric-breakdown distribution was found to be /spl beta/ = 2, whereas that of the soft breakdown was about 1.4. Estimated ten-year lifetime has been projected to be -2 V.