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Woven codes with outer warp: variations, design, and distance properties

By: Shavgulidze, S.; Zyablov, V.V.; Bossert, M.; Freudenberger, J.;

2001 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Woven codes with outer warp: variations, design, and distance properties ' We consider convolutional and block encoding schemes which are variations of woven codes with outer warp. We propose methods to evaluate the distance characteristics of the considered codes on the basis of the active distances of the component codes. With this analytical bounding technique, we derived lower bounds on the minimum (or free) distance of woven convolutional codes, woven block codes, serially concatenated codes, and woven turbo codes. Next, we show that the lower bound on the minimum distance can be improved if we use designed interleaving with unique permutation functions in each row of the warp of the woven encoder. Finally, with the help of simulations, we get upper bounds on the minimum distance for some particular codes and then investigate their performance in the Gaussian channel. Throughout this paper, we compare all considered encoding schemes by means of examples, which illustrate their distance properties.