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Scintillation properties of LSO:Ce boules

By: Lefaucheur, J.L.; Schmand, M.; Melcher, C.L.; Chai, B.; Eriksson, M.; Nutt, R.; Casey, M.; Eriksson, L.;

2000 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Scintillation properties of LSO:Ce boules ' We investigated the scintillation characteristics of 1880 LSO crystals that were cut from 76 crystal boules. We measured the light output and energy resolution of all 1880 crystals, and also measured the decay times of 1169 of the crystals. We observed trends in light output and energy resolution that were not previously evident from studies of small numbers of crystals, and in addition, a correlation between light output and decay time became evident for the first time. The results may be interpreted in terms of the properties of the two Ce scintillation centers in LSO, the effect of quenching centers, and the effects of Ce segregation during crystal growth.