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The rapidly deployable radio network

By: Sanchez, R.; Ewy, B.; Minden, G.J.; Frost, V.S.; Prescott, G.; Shanmugan, K.S.; Sparks, C.; Evans, J.B.; Petr, D.; Plumb, R.; Roberts, J.; Malinimohan, K.;

1999 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' The rapidly deployable radio network ' The rapidly deployable radio network (RDRN) is an architecture and experimental system to develop and evaluate hardware and software components suitable for implementing mobile, rapidly deployable, and adaptive wireless communications systems. The driving application for the RDRN is the need to quickly establish a communications infrastructure following a natural disaster, during a law enforcement activity, or rapid deployment of military force. The RDRN project incorporates digitally controlled antenna beams, programmable radios, adaptive protocols at the link layer, and mobile node management. This paper describes the architecture for the RDRN and a prototype system built to evaluate key system components.