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Development of card-sized digital still cameras

By: Kakuta, Y.; Matoba, N.; Sugiura, H.; Kuno, T.; Asakawa, K.; Oka, S.;

1997 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Development of card-sized digital still cameras ' Digital still cameras (DSCs) have attracted a great deal of public attention as input tools for images. However, conventional DSCs are only extensions of compact cameras using 35 mm film, and are not compact enough for easy portability to take photos, anytime, anywhere. For the purpose of offering a more portable DSCs, the authors have developed a card-sized digital still camera (CDSC). It is portable (62/spl times/107/spl times/8.5 (12.3) mm) and has a flash memory which stores 15 pictures. The authors have also developed original software for the CDSC which has a new signal processing system which can offer high quality pictures.