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The level 1 muon trigger for Run 2 of DO

By: Shupe, M.; Davis, K.; Steinberg, J.; Tompkins, D.; Fein, D.; Narayanan, A.; Nang, F.; Johns, K.; Jayanti, R.;

1997 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' The level 1 muon trigger for Run 2 of DO ' We describe the Level 1 muon trigger system for Run 2 of the DO colliding beam experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron. The Level 1 muon trigger rate for high P/sub T/ single muons and low P/sub T/ dimuons is designed to be less than 25% of the 10 kHz total Level 1 trigger bandwidth at a peak luminosity of 2/spl times/10/sup 32//cm/sup 2//s. The muon trigger logic makes use of tracks from the central fiber tracker and hits from all muon detector elements. Details of event synchronization, event buffering, and FPGA trigger logic are given. Results on Gbit/s serial link transmission of data over coaxial cable are shown. Simulation of the muon trigger system is discussed.