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Application of high-T/sub c/ superconductor to current limiting devices

By: Nakajima, H.; Ebihara, K.; Yamagata, Y.; Ikegami, T.;

1993 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Application of high-T/sub c/ superconductor to current limiting devices ' Resistive characteristics of YBa/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 7-x/ superconductor thin film quenched by a current was investigated. Thin films prepared on MgO substrates by the laser ablation method were used, and their current-resistance characteristics under current-quenching were investigated. A resistance appeared quickly above a critical current and then increased to about 8 Omega within few milliseconds, which depended on input power to the film. To investigate characteristics of the current-quenched superconducting film, a one-dimensional heat transfer equation was numerically solved using a finite-difference method. By comparing these experimental and numerical results it was found that nonuniformities in current density or temperature may exist in the quenching thin film.<>