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A 1.5-V full-swing BiCMOS logic circuit

By: Sato, K.; Minami, M.; Uano, K.; Hiraki, M.; Matsuzaki, N.; Sasaki, K.; Seki, K.; Nishida, T.; Watanabe, A.;

1992 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' A 1.5-V full-swing BiCMOS logic circuit ' A BiCMOS logic circuit applicable to sub-2-V digital circuits has been developed. A transiently saturated full-swing BiCMOS (TS-FS-BiCMOS) logic circuit operates twice as fast as CMOS at 1.5-V supply. A newly developed transient-saturation technique, with which bipolar transistors saturate only during switching periods, is the key to sub-2-V operation because a high-speed full-swing operation is achieved to remove the voltage loss due to the base-emitter turn-on voltage. Both small load dependence and small fan-in dependence of gate delay time are attained with this technique. A two-input gate fabricated with 0.3- mu m BiCMOS technology verifies the performance advantage of TS-FS-BiCMOS over other BiCMOS circuits and CMOS at sub 2-V supply.<>