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270-VDC/hybrid 115-VAC electric power generating system technology demonstrator

By: Peecher, S.; Niggemann, R.E.; Rozman, G.;

1991 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' 270-VDC/hybrid 115-VAC electric power generating system technology demonstrator ' The approach, system architecture, instrumentation, and performance of a technology demonstrator system for the application of 270-VDC/hybrid 115-VAC electrical power generation and distribution to future military aircraft are examined. The design has focused on assembling a highly flexible test system. The loads are typical of those in a hybrid electrical system. The system consists of a single 3-phase, 115-VAC electrical generator whose output is rectified, filtered, and supplied through DC contactors to both a 270-VDC load bus and to the input of an inverter, which supplies a 400-Hz, 115-VAC load bus. A variable-frequency, 115-VAC bus is also available directly from the generator. A prototype variable-speed constant-frequency 120-kVA generator is used. The test facility is designed to provide loads to all power types capable of being produced by the system. The system has provided particularly good insight into various aspects of 270-VDC/115-VAC hybrid systems and their components.<>