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An object-oriented environment for robot system architectures

By: Miller, D.J.; Lennox, R.C.;

1991 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' An object-oriented environment for robot system architectures ' The object-oriented Robot Independent Programming Environment (RIPE), which is being used for the rapid design and implementation of a variety of applications, is described. A system architecture based on hierarchies of distributed multiprocessors provides the computing platform for a layered programming structure that models the application as a set of software objects. These objects are designed to support model-based automated planning and programming, real-time sensor-based activity, error handling, and robust communication. The object-oriented paradigm provides mechanisms such as inheritance and polymorphism which allow the implementation of the system to satisfy the goals of software reusability, extensibility, reliability, and portability. Designing a hierarchy of generic parent classes and device-specific subclasses which inherit the same interface allows a Robot Independent Programming Language (RIPL) to be realized. Workcell tasks demonstrating robot cask handling operations for nuclear waste facilities, which are successfully implemented using this object-oriented software environment, are discussed.<>