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The Los Alamos FEL photoinjector drive laser

By: Busch, G.; Remelius, D.; Wenzel, R.; Barton, J.; Early, J.;

1991 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' The Los Alamos FEL photoinjector drive laser ' The drive laser system of the photoelectric injector for the Los Alamos free-electron laser (FEL) is described. This system consists of a 1.053 mu m mode-locked Nd:YLF oscillator, a grating-rhomb pulse compressor, a fast electrooptic shutter to reduce pulse repetition frequency, a pulsed Nd:YLF amplifier chain, and a KTP frequency doubler. The bright electron beams required for high performance FELs demand stringent specifications on drive laser output levels, beam quality, and stability. The design specifications, laser architecture, and operating performance following the most recent round of upgrades are presented.<>