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Dynamic route guidance and interactive transport management with ALI-SCOUT

By: von Tomkewitsch, R.;

1991 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Dynamic route guidance and interactive transport management with ALI-SCOUT ' The operation of the ALI-SCOUT dynamic route guidance system for automotive traffic is explained. Onboard equipment receives routing information from a centrally located traffic guidance computer when passing infrared communications beacons installed at selected traffic signal lights and other strategic locations. The received information consists of a route tree giving the best routes based on current traffic conditions for traveling from the beacon location toward various destination zones. The onboard equipment selects from the route tree according to the destination input by the driver and issues route-guidance instructions along the way by means of a simplified graphic display and synthesized voice. Navigation between beacon locations is accomplished by dead reckoning with map-matching, and travel times for road links along the route are communicated to the beacons to augment the traffic information database of the central traffic guidance computer.<>