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Deconvolution of BaSO/sub 4/:Eu TL glow-curve

By: Furetta, C.; Bruzzi, M.; Borchi, E.;

1991 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Deconvolution of BaSO/sub 4/:Eu TL glow-curve ' The method of deconvolution applied to TL (thermoluminescence) glow curves has been improved by addressing general-order kinetics. A TL BaSO/sub 4/:Eu detector, developed for hadronic and electromagnetic cascade shower studies, is considered. The results obtained from deconvolution have been compared with the data obtained using some classical methods such as the initial rise method and Chen's peak shape method. The advantages of the deconvolution technique include the following: (a) the possibility of estimating all parameters of the peaks belonging to the glow curve, including kinetics order, by using the general formula that describes the physical process; (b) the use of a better approximation for the computation of the integral term; and (c) knowledge of the geometrical values of the peaks, which are difficult to assess, is not required.<>