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Hot-electron hardened Si-gate MOSFET utilizing F implantation

By: Ma, T.-P.; Mukai, K.; Natuaki, N.; Ohji, Y.; Ohyu, K.; Nishioka, Y.;

1989 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Hot-electron hardened Si-gate MOSFET utilizing F implantation ' A technique is presented for incorporating fluorine (F) into the gate-oxide film, and the subsequent improvement of channel-hot-electron hardness of the resulting MOSFET is reported. This technique uses low-energy F implantation onto the surface of the polysilicon gate-electrode, followed by annealing at 950 degrees C to diffuse F into the gate SiO/sub 2/ toward the SiO/sub 2//Si interface. The improved hot-electron hardness is explained by a model involving a strain relaxation near the SiO/sub 2//Si interface by fluorine incorporation that results from Si-F bond formation.<>