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Optical polarization bistability in TM wave injected semiconductor lasers

By: Shibati, J.; Mori, Y.; Kajiwara, T.;

1989 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Optical polarization bistability in TM wave injected semiconductor lasers ' Experimental results of optical polarization bistability in InGaAsP lasers are reported and the causes of polarization switching and nonlinear response in this bistability are discussed. The input light signal consisted of the transverse magnetic (TM) wave, while the semiconductor lasers operated in a fundamental transverse electric (TE) mode when the light input was not injected. The light output versus light input characteristics were dependent on the input wavelength. Switching times of up to a few hundred picoseconds were achieved for both switch-up and switch-down. It was found that the TE and TM outputs originate from the TE oscillation and the TM amplification, respectively. Calculations using the rate equations showed that the TM input induces the nonlinearity of the carrier density. These results indicate that this bistability is a type of dispersive bistability.<>