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A low-voltage micropower JFET/bipolar operational amplifier

By: Malhi, S.D.S.; Donnison, W.R.; Salama, C.A.T.;

1981 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' A low-voltage micropower JFET/bipolar operational amplifier ' A single cell supply (operable down to 1.2 V) micropower operational amplifier using compatible low pinchoff voltage JFET's (V/SUB p/=0.4 V) in conjunction with standard bipolar technology has been developed. The subvolt pinchoff JFET's have proved useful in the common-mode feedback-assisted biasing of a simple p-n-p input stage to permit single supply operation, the design of a low-voltage high-performance current mirror and a differential to single-ended converter. The amplifier exhibits excellent ac performance (unity gain slew rate=0.25 V//spl mu/s, unity gain bandwidth=850 kHz) with low power dissipation (245 /spl mu/W).