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Anomalous behavior of amorphous Fe-B alloys

By: Mehra, M.; Subbarao, E.; Hasegawa, R.; Kapur, P.;

1980 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Anomalous behavior of amorphous Fe-B alloys ' The density of Fe-B amorphous alloys is constant at 7.5 g/cm3for 13 d at.% B < 20 and decreases for B > 20 at.%. Hardness increases with B content up to 20% and less steeply for B > 20 at.%. A model based on the dense random packing of spheres of two sizes with densitiesd_{1}pandd_{2}pis presented to account for the anomalous behaviour in density of Fe-B alloys.