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Magnetic properties of a ferromagnetic metallic glass Fe80P16B1C3

By: Hasegawa, R.; Chien, C.-L.;

1976 / IEEE


This item was taken from the IEEE Periodical ' Magnetic properties of a ferromagnetic metallic glass Fe80P16B1C3 ' A ferromagnetic metallic glass Fe80P16B1C3(METGLAS2615) has been studied from 4.2 K to 1100 K by57Fe M�ssbauer spectroscopy. In the glassy state, the magnetization axis stays in the ribbon plane atT \gsim 420K. Below 420 K, the axis on the average is at an angle to the ribbon plane. Since the magnetic ordering temperature Tcis close to the lowest crystallization temperature, Tccan only be estimated. There are two distinct crystallization temperatures. AtT_{cr1} = 568K, the glassy sample transforms slowly but exclusively to �-Fe. AtT_{cr2} = 640K, the remainder of the glassy sample transforms rapidly to �-Fe (T_{c} = 1040K) and Fe3P (T_{c} = 715K). These results are discussed in comparison with the thermomagnetization and x-ray data obtained previously.