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Educational Leadership and Reform:

By: Wayne K. Hoy; Cecil Miskel;

2006 / Information Age Publishing / 9781607524700



  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Ch 1: Examining School Achievement Over Time: A Multilevel, Multiple-Group Approach
  • Ch 2: Instructional Leadership: Its Nature, Meaning, And Influence
  • Ch 3: Assessing Leadership Effects On Student Learning: Selected Challenges For Research And Program Evaluation
  • Ch 4: School Leadership In The 21st Century: Broadening The Base
  • Ch 5: Leadership As A Master Class: Joining Role And Task In The Practice Of Educational Administration
  • Ch 6: Distributed Leadership: Leadership Practice And The Situation
  • Ch 7: Talking Leadership:Conversation Analysis And Distributed Leadership
  • Ch 8: Systemic Reform Up Close (And In The Trenches): A Multiyear Case Study Of An Outlier School
  • Ch 9: LegitimatingPrivatization:The Politics Of Sylvan Support Centers In The Baltimore Public School System
  • Ch 10: Toward A Human Capital Development Strategy: Uncovering The Approaches Used By A High School Principal To Support Teacher Learning
  • Ch 11: The Complexity Of Gender-Role Stereotyping Effects In High School Principal Selection
  • Ch 12: Some Current Threats To Humanistic Pupil Control
  • Ch 13: Measuring Organizational Citizenship Of Schools: The OCB Scale
  • About the Contributors