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Contemporary Perspectives on Play in Early Childhood Education:

By: Olivia Saracho; Bernard Spodek;

2003 / Information Age Publishing / 9781607525271



  • Contents
  • Ch 1: Understanding Play and it's Theories
  • Ch 2: Spontaneous Play in the 21st Century
  • Ch 3: Theories of Pretense, Mental Representation, and Humor Development: Answers and Questions
  • Ch 4: Play in School- The Teacher's Role: Reforms and Recent Research
  • Ch 5: Young Children's Play and Cognitive Style
  • Ch 6: On the Relation Between Play and Symbolic Thought: The Case of Mathematics Manipulatives
  • Ch 7: Play and Early Development and Education: The Instantiation of Parental Belief Systems
  • Ch 8: Play in Children: An Attachment Perspective
  • Ch 9: The Teening of Preschool Play
  • Ch 10: Early Childhood Educational Play