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Technology-Based Education: Bringing Researchers and Practitioners Together

By: Lisa M. PytlikZillig; Mary Bodvarsson; Roger Bruning;

2006 / Information Age Publishing / 9781607525011


This volume will highlight papers presented at the second Nebraska Symposium on Information Technology in Education. With chapters focusing on the latest research findings and theoretical principles for using technology in education, the volume will extend findings from current research on technology-mediated instruction into a set of practical principles for designers, teachers, and managers of educational technology. Contributors will identify technical and design features required for sharing of content and assessment tools and will target promising areas for future research and development in technology-based learning, instruction, and assessment.


  • Contents
  • Ch 1: Instructional Technology: Promise and Pitfalls Roxana Moreno
  • Ch 2: Reconceptualizing Teacher Education: Supporting Case-Based Instructional Problem Solving on the World Wide Web Sharon J. Derry and Cindy Hmelo-Silver
  • Ch 3: Using Technology to Implement Case Studies in Preservice Teacher Education Courses Lisa M. PytlikZillig, Roger Bruning, Christy A. Horn, and Mary Bodvarsson
  • Ch 4: Reinventing Computer Science Curriculum at the University of Nebraska Ashok Samal, Gwen C. Nugent, Leen-Kiat Soh, and Jeff Lang
  • Ch 5: Building Writing Assessment Skills Using Web-Based Cognitive Support Features Michael S. Dempsey, Lisa M. PytlikZillig, and Roger Bruning
  • Ch 6: Encoding Disruption Associated with Copy and Paste Note Taking L. Brent Igo, Roger Bruning, and Matthew T. McCrudden
  • Ch 7: Online Multimedia Instruction and Assessment for K-4: Students Gwen C. Nugent, Roger Feese, and Oksana Bendus
  • Ch 8: Learning While Holding a Conversation with a Computer Arthur C. Graesser, Natalie Person, Zhijun Lu, Moon Gee Jeon, and Bethany McDaniel
  • Ch 9: Designing Adaptive, Diagnostic Math Assessments for Individuals with and without Visual Disabilities Valerie J. Shute, Edith Aurora Graf, and Eric G. Hansen
  • Ch 10: I-MINDS: An Innovative Multiagent System to Support Teaching and Learning Leen-Kiat Soh, Xuesong Zhang, Xuli Liu, and Hong Jiang
  • Ch 11: Affinity Learning: Fostering Critical Thinking Skills Online Arthur I. Zygielbaum and Roger Feese
  • Index