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Making a Difference: Action Research in Middle Level Education

By: Micki M. Caskey;

2006 / Information Age Publishing / 9781607524786


Volume V of The Handbook of Research in Middle Level Education highlights action research in middle grades education. As a method of inquiry, action research compels educators to take action and think reflectively about those actions in order to effect positive educational change (Mills, 2000). Teachers, administrators, university professors, and other professionals conduct action research in different ways to examine classroom practices and school issues. Educational action researchers initiate their inquiries in various contexts: alone, in small peer teams, or larger faculty groups (Zeichner, 2001). Using individual and collaborative approaches, educators gain insights into teaching and learning processes. As evidenced throughout this volume, action research in the middle grades occurs in a variety configurations. This volume examines the dynamic ways that preservice and inservice teachers, school administrators, university faculty, and educational consortia use action research.


  • Series Introduction
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Ch 1: Action Research for Middle Level Educational Professionals
  • Ch 2: Effects of Adolescents' Perceived Motivators on Academic Achievement and Self-Efficancy
  • Ch 3: The Use of Manipulatives in Mathematics Class
  • Ch 4: Teacher Collaboration
  • Ch 5: Experiencing Action Research
  • Ch 6: On The Job Training
  • Ch 7: Using Action Research for Aspiring Middle Level Administrators
  • Ch 8: Sellecting Master Teachers in a Professional Development School
  • Ch 9: Creating Effective Middle Schools Through Inquiry
  • Ch 10: "Just Pretending to Read"
  • Ch 11: Collaborative Team Action Research in the Middle Grades
  • Ch 12: Framing an Urban School-University Partnership
  • Ch 13: Using Research to Refine School Improvement in the Middle Grades
  • Ch 14: Recommendations and Resources for Action Research
  • About the Authors

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