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No Exit: America and the German Problem, 1943–1954

By: James McAllister;

2002 / Cornell University Press / 9780801438769


James McAllister outlines a new account of early Cold War history, one that focuses on the emergence of a bipolar structure of power, the continuing importance of the German question, and American efforts to create a united Western Europe. Challenging the conventional wisdom among both international relations theorists and Cold War historians, McAllister argues that America's central objective from the Second World War to the mid-1950s was to create a European order that could be peaceful and stable without requiring the permanent presence of American ground forces on the continent.


  • Frontmatter
  • Ch 1: America, the German Problem, and the Bipolar Revolution
  • Ch 2: Wartime Diplomacy and Postwar Plans
  • Ch 3: One German Problem Or Two?
  • Ch 4: Years of Danger and Opportunity: The Restoration of A European Balance of Power
  • Ch 5: Temporary and Permanent Solutions:German Rearmament and the European Defense Community
  • Ch 6: No Exit: America and the Future of Europe
  • Sources
  • Index