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Laboratory study of property-modified prebaked carbon anode and application in large aluminum electrolysis cells

By: Yan-qing Lai; Shao-long Ye; Jie Li; Ye-xiang Liu; Jin Xiao;

2005 / Springer Science+Business Media / 1005-9784


A kind of complex additive mainly containing Al, Mg, F, and O was prepared. The synthetical performances of the property-modified prebaked anodes containing additives were tested in laboratory. On the basis of ideal testing results obtained, a large number of industrial prebaked property-modified anodes are prepared in a large-scale aluminum company. Further more, they are all used in 160 kA prebaked anode aluminum electrolysis cells. The statistic result show that, compared with common anodes, the property-modified ones enhance current efficiency by 0.78%, reduce energy consumption by 106.1 kW·h per ton aluminum and reduce carbon consumption by 11.6 kg per ton aluminum averagely.