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Inhibition of proliferation of osteosarcoma by nano calcium phosphates: potential hard tissue repair after tumor extraction

By: Weiqi Yan; Zhongli Shi; Ruikang Tang; Qinghong Hu; Yurong Cai;

2007 / Springer Science+Business Media / 1673-7377


Spherical-or cylindrical-shaped nanosized calcium phosphate particles are considered as an integral part of biological hard tissues such as bone and tooth enamel. The size effects of these nanoparticles were evaluated by coculturing osteosarcoma (U2OS) cells on their films or in their aqueous suspensions. Experimental results demonstrated that these nanophase minerals could inhibit the proliferations of U2OS significantly. The effects were increased with decreasing particle sizes, and the 20-nm sized calcium phosphate, the basic building blocks during bone/enamel formations, was the most effective inhibitor. The particle size is believed to play an important role on cellular behaviors and this study suggested the potential of calcium phosphate nanoparticles for use in therapeutic replacement and reconstruction of bone merits after tumor extractions.