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Q: How are custom books created?

A: Quite simply, an educator logs on and selects and/or uploads the course content with which he would like to teach. The custom book is created in real-time, allowing faculty to view their assembled course materials immediately.

Q: How do I decide what goes into my custom books?

A: This decision is based on your syllabus and specific teaching requirements.

Q: What content types can be included?

A: A wide variety of content can be digitally uploaded into the AcademicPub system.

  • Desktop Files: You may upload desktop files including documents in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format. These may include text or image files (such as .jpg, .png, or .gif). Support for PowerPoint is coming soon!
  • Multimedia Content: You can add a link to any video, audio, or other non-printable content on the web - just put the URL into any uploaded word document. The eBook will open a browser automatically.
  • Web Content: You can upload web pages from around the web (even some subscription websites like Barrons, Boston Globe, Chronicle of Higher Ed, Financial Times, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal). Material from blogs (like Blogger, WordPress, or TypePad) can also be included.

Q: Is there a content library or set of pre-cleared materials?

A: Yes, there is a Library of copyright cleared materials that are discoverable in numerous ways. We work with an ever-expanding group of publishing partners.

Q: Can faculty use readings other than the ones in your Library?

A: Yes, you can import any Word or Open Office Documents or PDF's. We advise you to insure that you have copyright approval for use of this uploaded content from the publisher.

Q: Do you offer digital or print copies? Or both?

A: Print or digital depending upon your needs. We offer both to provide you, your students, and institution with maximum flexibility to meet your educational objectives.

Q: What is the quality of the print book?

A: AcademicPub custom textbooks are professionally printed, perfect bound softcover editions with heavy, coated stock, 4-color covers (we print under license for major publishers, including Random House, among others.)

Copyrights and Royalties

Q: What copyright services are provided?

A: For Content on the Web, content is dynamically cleared in real-time by checking the database at Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to obtain permissions. If your college already has an institution-wide agreement with CCC, or has already cleared the content that you are using, please check the box that says you do not need help with copyright clearance. As well, there is a Library of cleared content that can be used in your custom course materials. For more information on copyright, please click here.

Q: What information do I need to provide to request copyright permission?

A: The AcademicPub system has a pop-up dialog box that asks you the information needed.

Q: How long does royalty processing take?

A: Content is cleared in real-time so this step is completed while you are building your custom content. If we are not able to clear your content through CCC, the service will tell you this.

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Q: What are my options if my selected content cannot be cleared by Copyright Clearance Center?

A: There are three options available:

  • You may select alternate content from our Library or another source.
  • Contact the owner or licensor directly, and pay all necessary royalty or license fees, prior to any use, reproduction or distribution of the content.
  • Contact our Customer Service for assistance in obtaining clearance - we will process any royalties for you, if you wish.

Q: How long does manual clearance support take?

A: This can vary depending upon the copyright holder or publisher.

Q: Are you able to clear photographic images?

A: Content and photo permissions are completely separate from each other. We have chosen not to clear photo permissions since these are often prohibitively expensive.

Q: How do I learn how much it costs for the student?

A: The AcademicPub system provides a running price, showing you the cost of the custom book as it is being built to your specifications. Immediately upon completion, you will see the final student price.

Q: When I update existing course materials will it automatically appear in my old (existing) books?

A: No, you issue a new link for new books for upcoming courses. It is impossible to update an already printed book or an already downloaded PDF. Of course, you may create a new book at any time with updated materials.

Q: Can I make a change to an existing book and get credit for previously paid royalties?

A: If you want to add material to an existing book that already includes royalty charges, it is easier to issue a supplement to avoid double payment as well as confusion for students.

Q: Why do I need permission if I wrote the material I am requesting?

A: It's possible that your college is the copyright holder for your materials even though you authored them; please check the policies of your school.

Q: If I received permission for a title last semester, won't I receive permission when I order that title again?

A: Yes, you should, but a publisher's agreement with a copyright holder may change; therefore, permissions must be cleared each Term.


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Q: Once my materials have been turned in, what happens next?

A: Materials are not turned in, in the traditional sense, to AcademicPub since our service operates in real-time and you are able to select content and upload your own materials. You or an admin in your department build the custom materials on the spot, adding content as you go. You see a running price as items are added. Once your book is complete to your specifications, you indicate that you are done; you are then presented with a review file that is paginated, formatted, and contains a table of contents.

Q: How do I provide the custom book to my students?

A: When you are ready to distribute the materials, a unique identifying URL is provided by your bookstore that your students can access for purchase. Print copies also may be purchased through the bookstore, or through institutional arrangements.

Tech Topics

Q: Do you offer iPad or eReader formats?

A: The digital eBook output is compatible with an array of popular devices including the Sony E-reader, iPad, and Android-based devices.

Q: Is there a limit to eBook file size?

A: No, but your students must have enough available memory on their devices.

Q: What if I want to post something online for my students?

A: You can post the link to your custom book anywhere you like.

Q: What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

A: DRM protects copyright holders and assures that permissions have been granted for use of specific content.

Q: How is DRM Applied?

A: We make use of Adobe Content Server 4 - more info is available here.

Q: Can faculty add their own materials to a custom book?

A: Yes, you may upload your own materials and make these available to your students.

Q: Are your custom books interactive?

A: Yes, you can embed links to videos, web, and other interactive content in the digital book - a new window opens on the web, allowing users to access this content.

Q: What is a flipbook preview?

A: This gives you as the creator the opportunity to review a digital draft of your book before creating the final file.

Q: Is the flipbook image indicative of print quality?

A: No, this is a low-resolution draft version to confirm your chosen items and TOC.

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